The weekend is over and it means that my morning daily writing exercises are to resume. The head is empty as it usually is on Mondays hence no particular topic for today's opus. Rather I'll practice to promote myself, explain why did I start writing and why do I enjoy it. And of course also why it's a good idea to hire me to author an article or two for your site. \n I remember very well when I realized for the first time how great it is to express all your thoughts in written. It was after I failed to oppose loud and vehement speakers in the class when discussing “Of Mice and Men”. Not because I was short of arguments of course. It's only because when talking your listeners usually pay more attentions to the speaker's antics rather than to the essence of what is being said. And if you don't have that well-set voice and do not feel very comfortable on the scene nobody is going to listen. \n \n So I've just wrote down all what was on my mind and printed it in the school newspaper. First of all this immediately excluded all jerks who didn't actually care about the subject but needed the discussion to promote themself. Secondly, I got much more responses than I expected. Many of those who seemed to be not interested in the debates at all answered by dropping their opinions into an envelope attached to the newspaper. It meant that I was not alone feeling uncomfortable to getting into heated verbal dispute but still enjoyed expressing opinion In the calm and serenity of the home. \n \n Then came other discussions and other articles and I felt more and more drawn into the funny world of what I'd call a short essay writing. It doesn't still amount for being called a literature but who knows where does it end up. \n ok, time for second coffee at school I was always dreaded by any task which had to have something to be written