The questions about purpose of one's life are usually not a common subject for a friendly chat you often have with people throughout a day. Indeed, if suddenly asked during a coffee break about reason of his or her existence your mate may start considering you a dangerous and freaky person. It's like asking about sexual fantasies. Of course everybody has them, but it would be at least impolite to demand sharing publicly.\n \n Nevertheless, if you happen to scroll over a philosophy or psychology fb group or forum this sort of questions is among most frequently asked ones. Why then are we scared and embarrassed to talk about it face to face? The only explanation I can come up with is that all answers we have could lead to an embarrassing situation. All potential life purposes - child dreams, aspirations of adolescence, hopes of marriage  - are most likely abandoned or attempts to achieve them miserably failed. Everybody knows this and being gentle folks we try to avoid reminding others about their painful experiences.\n \n But still, what's the life purpose?  \n If you've got a god you believe in the answer is obvious - the purpose of your existence is to serve your god. If you do it well enough and your imaginary friend deigns to appreciate your deeds you're endowed with some sort of 'afterlife' which is allegedly eternal and this pretty much makes the question not very acute if not irrelevant a all. Eternal life should be enough to fulfill all possible purposes hence you may not bother much about choosing right one. But if it turns out that you've chosen a wrong god or somehow misunderstood its inscrations, or, god forbid, there is no god then you simply wasted your life. The nastiest aspect of this situation is that the only way to know for sure it to actually die. And for me it doesn't sound like a way to go. It's just too risky.\n \n So what am I to live for if not a god? The only plausible answer I found is that it's me. Yes, the only worthy purpose I have in my life is to serve myself, my holy wants . Why it's the only true purpose? Because this is the only answer anybody arrives at when honestly answering 'why' questions about his or her actions. The last answer will always be   “Because I want so”. Even if you thought that serving your god is your purpose - be honest - you do so only because you want to. Even if you say that you live only because somebody would miss you too much if you die - it's your wish to avoid hurting them. Even if you live only because of the fear of death - again, it's only because you want so.\n So if it's all about your wants, why one should want something but filling their lives with joy?\n \n And we already have the answer. Remember we talked earlier about how common it is to fail all your dreams? Yes, people just choose something easier as a target to avoid pain of defeat. Is it wrong? Not exactly, but in most cases it's at least not optimal. Amount of joy one can get pursuing ambitions targets is usually greater compared to dwelling and waiting for the afterlife even when you got lots of failures on your way. It's actually the process what makes most joy so end result not very important at all. \n\n the point is that there can be no 'end result' at all