once at a nightclub party being annoyed by loud music I caught myself thinking that I'd be better now at home in my cosy bed rather than jumping among sweaty jerks… the thought though probably vanished quickly since I don't remember leaving or missing any party. And that's quite understandable - at that age I definitely had high level of some sort of hormones loudly demanding me keep attracting males for mating. I actually recollected this when same thought again came into my head not so long ago and this time stayed a bit longer - apparently mother nature decided that best reproductive age has already been missed and mating hormones can be decreased leaving more opportunity for prefrontal cortex to step in and analyze. And so I did. \n The research subject was set as “Identification of the motives for visiting a nightclub”. The first and seemingly obvious cause was to find a boy. I haven't had any for a couple of months and it kinda started to annoy me. But whoever I looked at didn't appeal enough. Too many negative associations with any of the personages available on stage, too many troublesome experiences with all that romance. No, certainly I didn't want to start new relationships. But of course getting somebody for a quick fcuk wasn't in my plans either. Not because I'm too haughty or anything alike, no - it' just because my electric friend does the quick job much better and doesn't fart or burp. But I still somehow brought myself here so there was something driving me. Pleasant memories? Most likely yes - finally it's thought that brain tends to keep only what it likes so I certainly remember euphoria after attracting a man I liked, the sweeping sweet feeling of falling in love, yeah, so I came to a nightclub again like a prehistoric hunter who hopes to catch his prey in a place resembling those where he succeeded before. \n But there was something else, not strictly related to sexuality. I was also enjoying my dress and and my look. Or, more correctly, I was enjoying others admiring it. At least I thought they did. So the complete case would sound like “I enjoy to fantasize about others (actually mostly other woman) admiring and envying my attire”. And the more I'm thinking about it the more I understand that it was the most important factor driving me to a nightclub. \n Ok, now it's jogging time, to be continued! wow. outstanding case of applying socratic questioning to study your own libido :)) you're too young to expect hormones started decreasing and the process is way more complex I'm afraid you have a bit of delusion regarding your attire being admired 😁 of course I do, but it still didn't stop me from enjoying it :) I have another outstanding case of self enticement - the crazy bikers roaring all night long around my house. I bet they did think that all those who they woke up with their screaming eagle pipes are in awe and horror of mighty warriors of night or whatever they think of themself this must be some kind of an ancient instinct - prehistoric hunters covering their bodies with the skins of slain animals and jumpig over bonfires were thinking they're taking powers from them so bikers also think they're getting powers from their bikes no, it's different. hunters did not enjoy falsy projections of their perceptions why? he dances in a tiger pelt and thinks that all others think he's a tiger cause all others really think he's a turning into tiger. and when you hear a bike roaring you know that the biker is simply a jerk with a beer belly and small dick how do you know? what? about dick 🖕 because there is no pleasant physical senses a biker can enjoy while sitting on a heavily vibrating engine producing deafening sounds. But they sit hours long there and hence enjoy something else but bodily pleasures.