again I've came across a post with the photo of an african man staring at the cut off hands of his child. it's really blood chilling. but ok, putting a sociologist, or better psychologist, hat on - can't keep myself from asking - why people keep posting it and other similar stuff again and again? \n The first obvious reason coming to my mind - it's only to draw attention to a blog or whatever there is to advertise, whatever weird it may sound. But then we have almost same question - why does it work, why people are attracted by it? the possible answer is that it's just a common urge to share something eerie or frightening with others - it's well known that humans feel relieved when they're not alone in dealing with unpleasant emotions and when posting it we kinda reduce negative impact. But the photo and lots of similar stories are already well known and those who reposting and watching them are perfectly aware about it. \n And then I'm really out of any other ideas.. it works for all strong emotions - both positive and negative when you share something positive I guess it's to multiply the feeling, not decrease... it's actually good that things like that are not getting forgotten for whatever reason they're reemerging - works like a psychological vaccine