has it ever occurred to you that people were coping with adultery since humanity existed? What if the problem is not in the side affairs but in the relationships which are spoiled and even may be without love already? Don't you think that having sex more than with one partner it's more normal than being jealous cause your partner only glanced a bit aside? How many lives were destroyed by jealousy and how many by sex? I think the latter number is far less. adult people can choose whatever form of relationships they find appropriate, really don't see what to discuss here. there are a lot of those who think that once you said “I love you” to somebody you automatically granted lifelong certificate of ownership for your life, property and genitalia. it's getting painful when it's breach of faith, when one enjoys and another suffers. If both don't mind third partner it's just group sex. adultery is indicator of unbalanced psychological ties, it doesn't matter how many partners were involved, in all cases there could be both fidelity as well as infidelity adultery is always adultery, it hurts whatever you say. and it even hurts when it's you who betray, the bitter love, that how they call it i.e. one satisfies his/her needs at others cost? don't get me wrong - I don't try to find exuces for adultery nor do I mind 'balanced relationships' I wanted to say that all sorts of relationships should not deprive us from freedom to choose new partner. from the childhood we're told that “eternal” love is good and changing a partner is a “treason” so don't expect many couples with “balanced psychological ties” once I was trapped in a tricky situation. I fell in love with a man who lived with another woman, though they have no children together, only her children. I met him when I was on holidays in California with my daughter. Until all this happened I've been living with my husband for seven years. Our relationships were absolutely low, I really didn't remember when we were together last time by that time. When I returned home I broke up with my husband. I wasn't really going to do that but when he tried to kiss me I refused and then all happened almost immediately so I had to move to a hotel while my daughter remained with her father while all this was being settled… The man I met was going to come to see me - he lived in a city a hundred miles away but it didn't take more that an hour to come here by train. And so he came the next day and we spent all day together in the city and then went to my hotel. \n And there it happened - his wife was waiting for him at the porch. No, she didn't start to cry, shout or brawl. She just took his hand, drawn him to her and kissed so insatiably that I felt this kiss was never going to end. I turned off and was able to look back they already were gone. wow, a romance... you can't know what was on her mind... what if she was thinking about his money when kissing him?