are there anybody who have experience with nasty kids? did your teen kid yell at you? I know this happens a lot but as with anything what happens for the first time it's difficult to cope with. Any practical advises? How to's , manual, tutorials? So far I just try to escape and resume tolk when my son cools down but during last week it didn't hapen... all week was nervous. Is it normal? this was my tactic too. there are lots of wise theory out there but I hardly was able to practically apply any. The trick is to avoid escalation at all costs but still don't give letting them what they want. how can I shut down his computer and avoid escalation? turn off his room's switch on an electric panel? There are plenty of software allowing you to have control over your kid's PC in a less barbaric way though he's gonna be mad at me after this it's not going to be easy, yes, but if you manage to switch it off, lock the room with electric panel and somehow avoid seeing him immediately after that you'll get what you need - control over his PC and no yelling at each other ok, I'll try how is it going? less yells but more hate. I turn off electricity around 2 p.m. but dining room and lobby are wired together so almost all house gets cut off. He still takes food to his room and never returns dishes so I must crawl into his room and collect them while he sleeps. I've seen your boy yesterday, he was friendly and polite :) let me guess - you tried to limit games time again? am I supposed to silently watch how a kid turns into a an addict? so you decided to grow a psycho instead of addict? I limit to two hours per day - even more than advised by WHO