It's somewhat out of our way of reading and discussing Bible on Sundays but nevertheless an interesting topic to discuss, especially in connection with approaching Easter holidays. Few days ago I met a friend of mine who is an orthodox christian I haven't seen for quite a long time and we thought to have a quick snack together. I took burger and he took an vegetarian one which seemed quite funny for a somewhat brutally looking guy. I asked if he turned a vegan, he said no and that it's because of Great Fast. I've heard before that in certain Christian denominations adhering to fasting is quite an important matter not to be compared with how it's handled in western Christianity. I asked more and as as far as a quick talk by snack allowed to reveal I learned that he sees fasting to be critical for salvation and avoiding hell. And the one before Easter is an absolute must. \n I've never practiced any kind of fasting except maybe on Good Friday and considered it to be nothing but a tradition or part of ritual. I've read about it a bit on various christian resources and it appears that's it is widespread practice not only in easter churches, not strictly a must but at least strongly advised. \n So I've tried it myself, spent three days on water porridge and teas in the evening. Well, it certainly helped to get a pound or two off but I didn't feel any spiritual enlightenment or anything alike. On the contrary, my head started to ache and I felt I'm grumbling more than usually so the thing looked quite dubious. But the more I read about it the more I see that a lot of parishioners and priests do it and find it helpful. So I feel like I'm missing something… hence the question - please share your personal experiences - did it ever worked for you, if you had any problems, what solutions you've found and so on? I think it's what is called "Lent" - link I start thinking about new festing and wait for its beginning only when I didn't keep previous Lent. If the holidays had already arrived and it was too late to change anything you work all the time. Everything has its time. On holidays - we celebrate, in fasting - fasting. And between them, dreaming about next one. dreaming has nothing to do with fasting, you'd better be praying How do you fast in the last week of the Lent? What can I eat? I've heard that on Friday before Easter you can only drink water? On Good Friday - strict fasting, eating is allowed only after the removal of the Epitaphios often priests bless those who need more nutritious diet for medical reasons to eat fish and dairy products. For example, instead of cottage cheese with a sweet filling you can have plain (and by many - hated!) cheese without sugar, cream and jam. Then I believe you have no headaches