Continuing the theme of Noah - why does God allow premature death of innocent people both those killed during the flood and those which are dying now because of the virus. \n Again I don't know if my answer aligns well with official church (any one) doctrine but my personal understanding is quite simple - it just means that time of those people has come. End of earthly life is not bad or good it just has to happen at some point - that's it. but God kills people in huge amounts and does so always as punishment. And if it's used as punishment, then it's not so good (to those who is being killed of course) for sinners it's not good of course - as they go to the hell, but, for example, I don't see why firstborn of Egypt would not be admitted to the paradize. ok, makes sense. But why then people keep praying God to stop all sorts of calamities including today's virus? Shouldn't they be just happy about early departure to the heaven? Pope actually prays about 'mercy for mankind' - not to stop virus. but it's actually the same not at all. we're ready to accept whatever is His will. c'mon - “Pope Francis calls on Christians worldwide to combat coronavirus pandemic with midday prayer on March 25” why combat coronavirus then?