Have you ever felt like you lost yourself? Not like when you're having hangover or you're sulky or having headache, periods or just tired. Instead I suddenly understood that all what I do looked utterly strange. It was even funny - when cell phone started beeping in the morning I was already not sleeping. Automatically I sat on the bed's edge and then instead of stretching up I felt I was about to burst with laugh - getting on the clothes and running to the office seemed to be a complete nonsense. \n Ok I think I still remembered that I must work to get money, so I grabbed myself and went on the usual route - coffee, make up, suit, bus, coffee, desk, lunch, coffee, desk, nap, bus and now I'm at home. I tried to do what I usually did but all felt strange and unnatural - coffee cups were chubby, bus driver showed like Robbie the robot and I hardly was able to talk to my boss. So, I'm ok, not depressed or anything alike, but still something has changed in my head. I understand that it's not what people frequently experience so probably asking to share 'personal' experience is not the best option, but still, haven any of you heard about similar stuff? \n\n oh gal, you sure you're not simply high? you know I'm teatotal can I share you story? where? psy forums or something like ok, anyway it's all open damn that's cool. I wish I had same I think I know how I got there - just no sleep for three days, and you have it.