Alice's conscious toilet from link sounds like a plot for a sci-fi deeply philosophical thriller called “Do Toilet Flushes Dream of Electric Poos?” That for sure gonna be a best seller cause now all are obsessed with AI and all the stuff. The story line can be made around the psychological drama of a teenager finding himself in the cruel post-industrial world. Being rejected by barbarous human society he finds solace and warm support in a commune of a highly intelligent Flushies. Belligerent humans attack the peaceful settlers out of sheer envy for they wisdom and mental equilibrium. Then our Mowgli leads resistance, defends skinny bastards and goes to the woods to meditate till the end of his days. \n We can also stage a school play based on the book. I'd even agree to play main character. \n\n no, teenagers don't go to woods. they die from pimp infection. you've forgotten about a female heroine, she'll have to get into troubles in the most inappropriate moment and he'll have to save her risking the world